Snowdrop 55 Hour Ultra Race

Can you run/walk a 1 mile loop for 55 straight hours or can you gather up to 9 friends and create a 55 hour relay team? Want to join Kevin Kline for his 5th Annual Childhood Cancer Fund-urance run? Registration for the Snowdrop Foundation Ultra 55, for individuals and teams of 2 to 10 runners, opens at 5am CT on Monday, April 22. For FIRST WEEK ONLY, registration is $55 for a solo runner and $550 for a team of 2 to 10 runners. Prices increases to $155/$1100 after 5am on April 29. Solo runner belt buckles, team medals, mileage prizes and fundraising  prizes are on the line from December 30 to January 1.

SUGAR LAND MEMORIAL PARK - The course is a flat, 1 mile loop on crushed gravel