Kaylee Troxel
Mixed Germ Cell Ovarian Cancer
Union University, TN

Kaylee Troxel
Mixed Germ Cell Ovarian Cancer
Union University, TN

Annual Report 2019

Fiscal Year Annual Report 2019
Snowdrop Foundation, Inc.
7155 Old Katy Rd., Suite N270
Houston, TX 77024
Annual Report Fiscal Year Sept 1, 2018 – Aug 31, 2019

MISSION: Snowdrop Foundation Provides scholarships for college bound pediatric cancer patients and childhood cancer survivors while raising awareness and funding for continued research to cure childhood cancer.

Dear Friends,
One of the joys in preparing an annual report is that it gives us an opportunity to look back and be thankful for all we have accomplished. The past Snowdrop Fiscal year was filled with wonderful opportunities and challenges. Some of the highlights were:

Scholarships TOTAL $240,340 awarded to 75 students across the nation
o The scholarship program provides financial assistance to young adults as they move forward with their lives. This support helps empower young survivors and patients to achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals.

Childhood Cancer Research Grants TOTAL $220,000
o Texas Children’s Cancer Center
The Chelsey Campbell Research Grant was awarded to Nino Rainusso, M.D. at Texas Children’s Cancer Center

o Children’s Hospital Wisconsin

Childhood Cancer Awareness Program $191,320
o Dear Chelsey movie showing

o Delivering Hope Run / With Documentary coming in 2021

o National Awareness Campaign

o Texas State license plate from the $30 specialty plate fee, $22 would go to the Texas General Land Office for grants for the Snowdrop Foundation to support its mission; to give college scholarship to childhood cancer survivors and current patients as well as fund research for pediatric cancer.

o Social Media Platform for Childhood Cancer Awareness

o Approximately 1000 of our runners across the nation showed support by wearing snowdrop shirts & to help raise awareness for Childhood Cancer



Child/Teen Development Programs $25,602
o Chelsey’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt on the 9th floor of the Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Center.
o Snowdrop Toy Drops Texas Children’s Cancer Center, ongoing throughout the year
o Snowdrop Toy Drop Children’s Hospital Wisconsin

o Hat day at Texas Children’s Cancer Center
o Bling for Bravery Day’s Texas Children’s Cancer

o Go Texan Day at Texas Children’s Cancer Center

o St Paddy’s Day Texas Children’s Cancer Center

o 4th of July Day Texas Children’s Cancer Center

o Book Day’s Texas Children’s Cancer Center
o Crafts Day’s


Total Revenue and Support $780,952

Program Expense
Scholarship $240,340
Cancer Research $220,000
Awareness Program $191,302

Teen Development $25,602
Total Program Expense Support $677,244


Operation Expenses

Total Operations Expense $ 112,892

Total Net Assets $ 94,102

We are an event based fundraising non-profit majority of our funds are raised funds are raised through our Events:

1. Apple Creek 50K (WI)
2. Chelsey 5K and auction (TX)
3. Chevron Run for a Reason Houston Marathon (TX)
4. Courage Over Cancer (WI)
5. Derricks & Diamonds Softball Tournament (TX)
6.Delivering Hope Fundraising
7. Door Country Fall 50 (WI)
8. Field of Dreams Gala (TX)
9. Go Ruck Snowdrop Light (WI)
10. Houston Hot Sauce Festival (TX)
11. Run Till You Snowdrop (WI) (TX)
12. TRC Run Over Cancer (TX)
13. Snowdrop ULTRA 55 Hour Race and Relay (TX)
14. WashFest (TX)